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Looking to create your own custom perfume or private label fragrance?

Aroma Fragrance Lab is the market leader in custom fragrance formulation and manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for a manufacturing partner for your existing fragrance or you’re starting completely from scratch, Aroma Fragrance Lab is the perfect partner for you.

Aroma Fragrance Lab excels at taking your vision and transforming it into an amazing aroma for perfumes, candles, soaps, home and personal care products, environmental applications, institutional products, air fresheners, aromatherapy products and many more!


Fully-Customized Private Label Solutions

When you partner with Aroma Fragrance Lab, you get far more than an off-the-shelf fragrance. You have full control over the entire creative process, ensuring that the end result is uniquely you.


Fragrance Formulation

Choose from our wide selection of pre-formulated scents or create something completely from scratch. Our master perfumer can create any aroma you describe, whether you want to put your twist on an existing fragrance or create something entirely new.

We provide you with samples throughout the entire process, tweaking the formula based on your feedback until the fragrance is perfect.


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