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Hotel Amenities

For over 10 years, Aroma Fragrance Lab has been producing hotel amenities for international market. Throughout its history, it has made a name for itself as a company that is synonymous with high qualityenvironmental sustainability and complete service.

The strength of Aroma Fragrance Lab is the fact that all steps of the production process take place within the company, where qualified professionals, working side by side are responsible for each step of the processing:

  • Study and development of the fragrance products(perfumes, after-shave, body splash, reed diffusers, massage oils, etc.) carried out at the company’s two laboratories.
  • Drawing up of graphic projects (including at the customer’s request) at the in-company graphics department.
  • Mixing of all products, with an advanced system used to purify water.
  • Production of the packaging through innovative extrusioninjection and blow moulding
  • Printing of bottles using sophisticated screen-printing lines.
  • Filling of bottles using sophisticated lines inspired by the cosmetic/pharmaceutical industry, completely automated and with extremely high production capacity.
  • Integrated storage and logistics

An all-inclusiveservice that ensures perfect optimisation of the entire process and guarantees:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Wide production flexibility
  • Improved hygiene
  • Lower environmental impact

Always in tune with the latest cosmetic trends, and careful to choose active ingredients that can provide added value to its product lines, Aroma Fragrance Lab is capable of meeting in the best way possible all the needs of a constantly-evolving market and of being the reference point for amenities intended for hotels and hotel chains throughout the world.

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