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Industrial Fragrances

When it comes to industrial needs, businesses and public spaces often need an extra boost in the fragrance department to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Whether our clients need personalized scents to mask the smell of fuels or chemicals, spruce up household cleaning products, or simply freshen the air, Aroma Fragrance Lab has the answer. As a best industrial fragrance manufacturer, our experienced research and development team is fully equipped to support our customers in any sector.

One of our core objectives is to design and develop bulk industrial fragrances for a multiplicity of target markets, including laundry detergent, lubricant, and cleaning product manufacturers. Our highly skilled personnel can assist you in creating your desired fragrance by utilizing the latest technology in conjunction with current market research to ensure you receive the perfect product every time.

“People just don’t stop and hear the roses,

they stop and smell them to capture a memory”


Leading Industrial and Institutional Fragrance Manufacturer

Aroma Fragrance Lab is a leading global manufacturer of standard and custom industrial and institutional fragrances. We make away-from-home smell just as great as being at home. We understand your business sectors and create scents that generate revenue for you. We’re also always innovating greener options that are naturally sourced, sustainable and readily biodegradable.

Scent is the most powerful way to connect with end-users. It brings out unique emotional and memorable experiences. Every day, the power of our aromas touch the emotions of people around the world.

From professional strength and high performance applications to eco-friendly creations, we know what your end-users are looking for and we create the scents that affect their moods, work performance and behaviors.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are full circle, complete with in-house customized packaging and filling services. With Aroma Fragrance Lab, you get personalized care with fast seamless services. Aroma Fragrance Lab offers the industry’s widest array of molecular odor counteractant additives. Our air freshener expertise is unsurpassed in the fragrance manufacturing sector.

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