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When exciting the senses is your business, curiosity is a competitive advantage. And we love to explore…


Through our willingness to be pioneers, we find and develop ingredients that give our customers the best fragrances for everything from fine perfumes to beauty, detergent and household goods.


Conversations keep us connected

We encourage our perfumers to explore the moment: enjoying nature or the weather, visiting hot new exhibitions, discovering the trendiest places, foods or drinks, kick-starting conversations about new hobbies or chatting with a fashion designer about their latest collection.

We feel privileged to visit people in their homes to delve into their relationships with all sorts of different products and talk to them about fragrance. Some perfumers cherish routine. It has been said that a strict routine helps unleash the imagination by rendering many aspects of daily life automatic and habitual, freeing the flight of inspiration. Whichever approach is preferred, the aim is the same – to bring people fragrant moments of delight.


Consumer Science

WHAT IF you could anticipate the future needs of consumers around the world, and bring new and winning ideas to the marketplace sooner? We are fueled by cutting-edge, innovative research tools and a team of industry-leading experts who accelerate our discoveries.


Nature Inspired Fragrance Technologies

WHAT IF we could capture scents of life, anywhere, anytime? Our Nature Inspired Fragrance Technologies allow us to capture the scents of living plants, food, places, and recreate them for use in the world’s finest fragrances, transforming the everyday.


Sensory Technology

WHAT IF we could get a vision of the Consumer through careful, scientific observation of their behaviors? Our creative teams process a deep consumer understanding, using ground-breaking scientific sensory protocols and methodologies in neurosciences, which translate into olfactive guidance, at the forefront of competitive advantage.